If you follow the trends, you must have a popular choker necklace. However, if you have not yet acquired it, you do not have to worry, the fashion apparel that this season has had a great return, you can easily do it yourself, at home.

Create a modern and elegant choker necklace that will complete your autofit for walking, shopping, business meeting or night out.



Spring is behind the corner and we are sure that you are already euphoria, so you can visit shopping centers in search of detail and fashionable little things that will refresh your appearance.

Do not spend money – there’s an easy way to make a great necklace with just a bit of effort and imagination.

I decided to convert pieces of clothes that I do not wear in something that I will be glad and so much and what will I use and I started with this blue shirt, a little lower quality.

Cut a piece of T-shirt on several tape – the more necklace will be fuller and thicker. Stretch them to catch up, then collect the ends of all the tape and squeeze in the braid.

Arrange the ends in the back and connect with an additional piece of fabric.

And that’s it – your simple necklace is over.

Dressed out of this type of garment can be used to do a lot of things.

Necklaces are, in my opinion, the easiest thing to do with these cut ribbons.

You can also add the pearls from some old nail to the braids you pulled from the tape …

… or add chains, combine several different fabrics in bright colors, sew buttons … Give your imagination the will.


If you want to emphasize your femininity and subtlety, you will never make a mistake by choosing pearl jewelry. That’s why we decided to show you how easily and quickly you can make your own pieces of accesories of this type, which will add to your appearance a new modern note. We chose it to be a necklace and ring, and inspired us with the latest fashion trends when it comes to jewelry.
Remove the clasp from the necklace with the first pliers:

Use the adhesive and the toothpick by placing a glue on one side of the hole on the pearl by using it (we deliberately selected it so large that the necklace would be as effective as possible), then drag the necklace to the right of the pearl until you put glue on it.

Repeat the same procedure with the other pearl and the other end of the necklace, and let it stand for several hours or all night so that the glue fixes the ends of the necklace and the pearl.

The next thing you need to do is sketch 2 small wires with metallic heads and slide them through decorative pearls, so dip them into glue and immediately slip through the remaining hole on both pearls so your pearl-colored necklace gets its the ultimate shape and appearance.



If you want to have one piece of good jewelry, such as a striking necklace, and to comply with each dress combine, do not look for further!

We have a fantastic idea for the project itself! Transparent, and ceremonial, this necklace will delight all around you, because it is ADJUSTED to every color and material! They will refresh each garment and make the simplest combinations unique. You will never again think which jewelry to put!

Draw the design of your necklace on a piece of paper, drawing a template from it.

Cut out the template you draw and stick to a piece of plastic.

Follow the shape of the template, cut the plastic.

Then, think about how to stick your decorative stones. It’s best to try some design before you start to admire.

Start with the super glue to stick the pebbles. Do not soak it with glue, it is not desirable to spill over the plastic because it will remain traces.

When all the stones are peeled off, wait 20 minutes to dry.

Then pierce the holes on the edges of the necklace and swing the chain with nuts.

Your necklace is over! You saw how simple, right?
This piece of jewelry will match you with almost every dress combination because it is transparent and will not present you with the pain to fit it with the desired look.